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Why Do Couples Go to Divorce Mediation?

May 15, 2022 | Divorce Mediation

When a couple is facing divorce in California, they have options beyond the court system. Divorce mediation is a choice many couples seek to help alleviate the stress of the divorce. In this situation, the couple sits down with a lawyer, who is a neutral party. In this situation, they can gain a perspective on their options in terms of monetary concerns, support, children, and property. When a couple works with an experienced mediator, they can save time and money on their divorce and work things out without a huge legal battle.

In California, divorce mediation is a process by which a couple meets with a trained attorney who can help them understand their options when it comes to their property, finances, and child support. It is vital to hire a skilled mediator for such issues, as untrained mediators can further delay the details of the divorce. A legal team with experience in mediation, however, can make things much easier on both parties.

When an individual or a couple hires a skilled mediator, they can discuss their concerns in a place where they feel safe and can fully understand their options. Many couples find that working with a mediator solves issues in a simple meeting instead of fighting things out in court. It may take one meeting or many, but in most cases, the cost of mediation is far less than the cost of a divorce battle in the courts.

why couples divorce mediation

Are There Benefits to Using a Mediator?

California divorcees often find the fact that mediation is private to be a great benefit. Mediation is completely private, which means that couples facing divorce can avoid the public nature of filing divorce records. Many California divorcees fail to understand that once they file for divorce, everything they share is public.

Understandably, sharing delicate private matters is not in one’s best interests, so mediation allows a couple to keep things more private than divorce. This is one of the main reasons that mediation benefits couples facing divorce in California.

Does It Save You Money to Use a Mediator?

Most couples in California who choose mediation find that it costs about 10% of what they would pay for divorce proceedings. When a couple works with a legal professional who does mediation, they avoid having two attorneys (one for each spouse). Working with one legal professional allows for various savings for the couple, and it is a great option when they have only a few issues to work out.

There are, however, certain complicated scenarios. A couple may ask, for instance, “what is our home worth?” or “can we just do this on our own?” A divorce attorney will always insist on a professional appraisal. This is an additional task that divorce lawyers charge for.

Hiring additional professionals, such as appraisers, is a tactic some attorneys use to bulk up their fees, but this can be avoided. Most divorces in California take at least two years without mediation. Attorneys understand that this makes them money, and those who do not offer mediation are often looking to simply make money from their clients. It is vital to choose an attorney who has your best interests at heart. An attorney who doesn’t offer mediation may just be looking to make as much as they can from their client, and they should be approached with caution.

A skilled mediator can offer guidance and support to their clients and help each party to behave civilly towards each other. This not only saves time and money, but it paves a pathway to a productive post-divorce life for the couple.

What Is the Mediator’s Role?

People who are going through a divorce are often unreceptive to outside opinions. However, a knowledgeable mediator will listen to each side and help the couple to make a decision based on each party’s interests. When both sides are brought out into the open, it often makes things easier for each party to be agreeable.

When a couple goes into mediation, they often have different prevailing interests — one may be concerned about child custody, while the other is concerned about the house. Rather than allowing the couple to get into an unnecessary argument about either issue, the mediator will often be able to help them to prioritize issues and sort things out.

Should You Trust a Mediator?

Legal professionals who specialize in mediation should always have their clients’ interests at heart. They should educate their clients and help them to make the best decisions for their future. At times, mediators find that one of the parties has entered the negotiations with a lack of understanding about the couple’s financial situation, and they should always help the couple to reach an understanding based on the facts of the situation.

Any couple who wishes to reach an amicable solution without fighting over the details can benefit from mediation. Professional mediators have the training to solve matters for couples and help them avoid court. This saves each party money in the long run and oftentimes avoids much of the stress and animosity involved in a divorce.

Mediation Can Help Avoid Stress

No one wants to face a judge in a courtroom. No matter how confident an individual is, the court system is frightening. There is no need for anyone to face the courts during a divorce if both parties are willing to work with an impartial individual who can help them out.

When children are involved, divorce can be more difficult, so mediation becomes even more appealing to a divorcing couple. A mediator, however, can help a couple resolve things without harsh words or difficult complications.

Trust a Legal Team With Mediation Experience

If you are facing a divorce in California, mediation may be the best option for you. You may be trying to avoid additional legal fees, or you and your former spouse may just wish to keep things more private. Either way, working with an experienced family law mediator can save you time and money and avoid awkward complications with your former spouse. The legal team at Drury Pullen has built a reputation on trust and integrity, and we are here to help you out. Visit our website today to find out how.

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