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Summer Activities in Santa Barbara During COVID-19

Jun 26, 2020 | COVID-19 Pandemic

Still looking for ways to get the most out of this COVID-19 summer? Today’s Feel Good Friday has got Santa Barbara locals covered as far as planning fun summer activities goes! We have rounded a list of the very best activities Santa Barbara County has to offer – all of which observe coronavirus safety guidance from the CDC (and proven to reduce stress!) . With that being said, a reminder to adventure with caution; there is no such thing as a zero-risk outing right now.

Try Surf Fishing

Surf fishing is the art of catching fish while standing on the shoreline or wadding in the surf.
What you need: Grab your spinning rod, a line with a six-pound test, and some cheap lures. Kids under the age of 16 do not need a fishing license.
Where to go: West Beach and Sandspit are well-known breeding grounds for halibut. You can also head to Goleta Beach or anywhere where sand meets water. Wherever you go, always shuffle your feet when standing in sandy water.

Sail Away

The definition of social dist-sailing. Cast off and create your own safe community at sea while coasting down the channel.
What you need: For non-boat owners, choose from a wide variety of public cruises, take an instructional sailing course, or book a private skippered charter. Experienced sailors can also rent a small boat at their leisure.
Where to go: Check out Santa Barbara Sailing Center for a full list of services.

Stand-Up Paddleboarding

Active yet relaxing, stand-up paddleboarding is the whole package.
What you need: There are plenty of small business in the harbor that rent SUP boards, or you can purchase your very own.
Where to go: The Santa Barbara Harbor is the ideal spot for beginners. However, be mindful and stay away from the center of the channel unless you want to end up in Ventura. Also keep an eye out and avoid fellow surfers.

Santa Cruz Island

Take a break from the mainland and re-immerse yourself back into nature by booking a day trip to Santa Cruz Island.
Where to go: Ventura’s Island Packers Cruises is back in service and operating using coronavirus safety measures. Visitors are permitted to roam the island freely upon arrival.


Pack your bags, some of our local campsites are taking reservations again.
Where to go: Lake Cachuma is just a 40-minute drive up the 154.


Trace the coastline in a kayak alongside your family and friends.
What you need: Rent a kayak/paddle from Santa Barbara Adventure Company.You can also rent kayak equipment or book a guided tour from Santa Barbara Sailing Center, or purchase your own.
Where to go: Similar to SUP-ing, it is recommended that beginners start in the harbor for calmer waters.

Roller Skating

Roller skating/blading is another way to balance exercise with fun!
Where to go: Anywhere! But be sure to skate down Cabrillo Boulevard to experience all of Santa Barbara’s beauty at once.

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