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The Mediation Process

An initial appointment is held during which both spouses attend and the general goals of the parties are discussed. A written agreement between the parties themselves as well as the mediator is reviewed and signed.The mediator will assign certain tasks at this initial meeting, such as bringing in certain documentation for the next meeting.

Subsequent Appointments

  • A series of subsequent appointments are then conducted. Most will consist of a conjoint sessions (both spouses and the mediator) but sometimes the mediator may have individual meetings (one spouse and the mediator).
  • The number of appointments will depend on the number of issues the spouses need to negotiate and the degree to which they are willing to compromise.
  • The frequency of appointments is scheduled according to how much time spouses need to complete “homework assignments” and/or to “think” between sessions.


  • At each session the mediator makes detailed notes of agreements as they are reached.
  • When all issues are resolved as a result of the mediation sessions, the mediator will draft a settlement agreement-a document summarizing the agreements that have been made.
  • The mediator will recommend that the spouses take the agreement to a “consulting attorney” to look over the final document before signing.
  • Once signed, the document is sent to Court for approval by the Judge and the matter is concluded.

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