Back to School: Experts Forecast a New Abnormal

May 12, 2020 | COVID-19 Pandemic

Children are experiencing COVID-19 along with the rest of us. I think most surprising to them has been the realization that they actually LIKE going to school (mainly for the social time but turns out they like hands-on learning!). My family is contemplating all the options available as one child heads into 11th grade in the Fall and the other returns to college for her Senior year. It is all such a mystery. Below is a link to an article published by HuffPost that outlines what experts are predicting school could look like for K-12 students when it restarts. The predictions run from face masks for all to shorter school days to rolling closures.

Link: Experts Predict What Schools Could Look Like When It Reopens

In essence, experts anticipate shortened or staggered schedules. “Instead of having 30 kids in class for a full day, students might come in ten at a time for a few hours,” according to Brian Perkins, Associate Professor of Practice and Education at Columbia University.

Experts also predict teachers will likely wear face masks. This prediction is railroaded by a set of proposed guidelines from the CDC which urges teachers, and possibly students, to wear face masks to limit the spread of infection.

Additionally, experts cast doubt that digital learning is going away anytime soon. Continued virtual learning is a high probability “especially if children are not physically in class for full days, schools will need to rely on digital learning to fill in some gaps.”

Get involved in your child’s future by letting your child’s school or School District know that you want to be involved in the decision-making process. This is a great time to get on the same page with your co-parent and begin to make decisions about how you will navigate your child’s academic future.

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