Should I Get a Premarital Agreement?

Divorce Lawyer in Santa Barbara

Divorce Lawyer in Santa Barbara Discusses Use of Premarital Agreements

The age we live in today is in stark contrast to the one our parents grew up in, and one of the biggest changes in American society in the last few decades has been scene in the institution of marriage. Less and less people are getting married, marriages aren’t lasting as long, and the Country’s divorce rate has skyrocketed. In this age of divorce, a formerly obscure legal document, the premarital (prenuptial) agreement, has come into almost standard use.

What Is a Premarital Agreement? Is It Different from a Prenup?

Prenup, prenuptial agreement and premarital agreement all mean the same thing. Basically, it is an agreement that takes place between a husband and wife before they are actually married. If you are looking to get married and would like to discuss premarital agreements, please contact our divorce lawyer in Santa Barbara for help!

Why Get a Premarital Agreement?

These agreements are generally designed to set forth what will happen to the couple’s assets in the event of divorce, separation or death. These agreements are fairly common if either or both parties have substantial assets, children from a previous marriage, potential inheritances or high incomes, but have been gaining traction with a larger audience as of lately.

These agreements are generally made for financial reasons, but a couple could decide to put almost anything in a prenuptial agreement. There have been some highly publicized celebrity prenups with fairly ridiculous clauses if you have time for a quick Google search and a laugh!

I’m Not a Millionaire or a Celebrity, Do I Need a Premarital Agreement?

Our divorce lawyer in Santa Barbara gets asked this question all the time! We always leave it up to our clients to decide whether they want a premarital agreement, but we ask them this simple question to help anyone having trouble deciding:

If your marriage were to end in separation, divorce, or death, would you want the court to decide how the assets will be distributed, or do YOU want to decide how the assets will be distributed?

Call Our Divorce Lawyer In Santa Barbara For Help Creating a Premarital Agreement

Drury Pullen Law has been serving families in the Santa Barbara area and surrounding communities for years and has the experience needed to represent you in any family law matter. We can help you and your beloved set up a premarital agreement that leaves both parties feeling safe and secure. Call our divorce lawyer in Santa Barbara today!

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Divorce Lawyer in Santa Barbara Discusses Use of Premarital Agreements