Opinion Testimony:

Expert Testimony: A qualified expert can testify as to value (e.g., appraisers, accountants, actuaries or real estate brokers/salespersons).

Owner’s Testimony: The property owner or owner’s spouse is competent to testify as to the value of his or her own property even though not qualified to testify as an expert.

Comparable Sales: A witness offering opinion testimony may take into account as the basis of his or her opinion evidence of the price paid for the property if recently purchased; or evidence of market prices or recent sale prices for comparable (similar) property. However, mere offers to buy or sell certain property are inadmissible to prove the property’s value.

Buy-Sell Agreement: The agreed-upon buy-out price or buy-out formula for purchasing a business interest (e.g., shares of stock in a closely-held or professional corporation) as between the business principals is admissible on the question of value in a community property division proceeding between the spouses. However, such a buy-sell agreement is not conclusive. Based upon the evidence presented, the family law court has broad discretion to accept or reject the valuation formula in a business buy-out (or stock purchase) agreement.

Additional information:

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